General’s Charcoal Drawing/Sketching Pencil Review

General’s Charcoal Drawing / Sketching Pencils are a very easy charcoal pencil to find in your local art store. Here is both the good and the bad of General’s Charcoal drawing pencils.


  1. It comes in many different variations like 2b, 3b, 4b, 5b, 6b and soft / hard pencil variations. You can find the right darkness that you need for your drawing.
  2. When sharpening or shaving your pencil the charcoal will not break easy even on the soft pencil. Other or cheaper pencils will snap easy while sharpening.
  3. The charcoal in the pencil while drawing / sketching goes down very smoothly and creates unique drawing effects.
Cat head drawing generals charcoal


  1. Lots of people use this drawing / sketching pencil and your drawings will look the same as other drawers / sketchers.
  2. It works well for sketching but other pencils / charcoal would probably be better if you wanted to make a completed piece of artwork.
Figure drawing using generals charcoal pencil

In conclusion, General’s Charcoal Pencils are a very good and cheap way to make a professional and complete looking drawing / sketch and great for figure drawing class and plein air drawing.

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