How to draw an ear realistic and easy barnett gallery

How to draw a realistic ear for painting

Drawing an ear easy can be a very easy drawing process. Just follow these simple how to draw an ear steps to know how to draw an ear quick and easy.

Step 1

To start a drawing of an ear off you must start the line from the inside and curve it all the way to the ear lobe to create the pinna.

how to draw an ear

Step 2

Now draw another curved line following the same one you did before on the inside. This will make the helix of the ear drawing.

how to draw an ear

Step 3

Now draw another curve on the inside of the ear to create the antihelix in the ear.

how to draw an ear

Step 4

Next, draw a small curved line on the drawing of the ear to make a concha.

how to draw an ear

Step 5

Finally, fill in the shadows of the ear drawing to create a realistic looking ear for painting and drawing.

how to draw an ear

In conclusion, drawing an ear quick and easy is very simple process to do for any level of drawer.

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