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Barnett Gallery is the premier art gallery in Greenville, SC showcasing Renaissance and Baroque style paintings. Located in Downtown Greer, South Carolina with opening exhibitions, art shows, events, workshops, art lessons, & classes.

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Upcoming Exhibition

Tyler Hoff "Bones of The Earth"
Sept. 16, 2023
6-9 pm

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DATE: September 16, 2023

TIME: 6-9 pm

Art show featuring new sculptures by Tyler Hoff. Refreshments will be served. Come see an unveiling of new artwork by Tyler while enjoying food and drinks.

“I am a self-taught miniaturist based in the Greenville area, with my wife and two sons. Since humankind first developed the spoken word, we have told stories – to remember, to imagine, to escape. My work focuses on trying to create a new perspective for the observer, to inspire each viewer to tell a story about the piece.”

DATE: July 7th, 2023

TIME: 6-9 pm

July First Friday Greenville, SC art show. Refreshments will be served. Come see an unveiling of new artwork  while enjoying food and drinks.

DATE: October 1st, 2022

TIME: 6-9 pm

Art show featuring new art by Ivan Sola. Refreshments will be served. Come see an unveiling of new artwork by Ivan while enjoying food and drinks.

Ivan Sola is Apache and enjoys reflecting his culture in his art. He paints traditional ways of life as well as showcasing traditional regalia. He does not title his work as he don’t want to put his viewers perception in a box.

I want the viewer to live in the moment with raw feelings and emotions when they see my art. My goal is to show the world and appreciate the beauty of native American culture. 

DATE: Postponed

Art Show and Live Music ART AFTER DARK: DAYDREAMIN’ featuring new art by Emalie and music by Bombadier. Refreshments will be served. Come see an unveiling of new artwork by Emalie while enjoying food and drinks.  Bombadier is a folk-punk-roots original music group formed in Columbia, SC in early 2020 by singer-songwriter Brandon Dowell. With influences ranging from early folk revival artists like Bob Dylan and John Prine to more modern punk rock bands of today like The Front Bottoms; Bombadier will take you on a journey through the lives and experiences of it’s eclectic cast, through a masterful blending of storytelling, heartfelt song and melody. Tickets

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Tuesday, May 9, 2023 from 7-9pm

Tuesday, May 2, 2023 from 7-9pm

Monday, April 24, 2023 from 6-8pm

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All upcoming Figure Drawing Sessions will be listed and updated here monthly. Each session is $10 which goes directly to the model and can be paid in person or on the website. 


One-of-a-kind handmade ceramic items that are “functional” and “affordable.” Located on Paris Mountain and also sold at Barnett Gallery.

Shop features a mix of reusable treasures and hand created pieces to bring Aloha into your lifestyle available only at Barnett Gallery.


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