Ivan Sola

Oil Painter
Hello, my name is Ivan and I am the co owner and found of Eagleswind nation and solas native art. I currently screen print and creat graphic and T-shirt designs, which I’ve been doing for 32 years.I grew up in a small town in Vermont. I first found a love in art in 1977, when I was 10. That was around the time when star wars came out. I first started with pencil drawings as i was fascinated with the imagination of star wars. I enjoyed the idea of creating things that did not exist in real life. Ive worked with many mediums but my favorite is oil. I first started working with oils about 10 years ago and have never stopped since. I am apache and i enjoy reflecting my culture in my art. I enjoy showing traditional ways of life as well as showcasing traditional regalia. I do not title my work as I don’t want to put my viewers perception in a box. I want them to live in the moment with raw feelings and emotions when they see my art. My goal is to show the world and appreciate the beauty of native American culture. My long term goal is to allow my paintings to reach an audience world wide and become self sufficient with my art. I also wouldn’t mind teaching all that I’ve learned in art and culture as I’ve taught my kids and wife art appreciation. I hope to keep this beautiful culture alive and I hope that you, the audience discover a new found beauty in it as well.

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