how to draw in Adobe Illustrator easy for beginners step by step tutorial

How to draw in Adobe Illustrator is very easy / simple / quick / fast /reliable if you follow this step by step drawing guide. These vector drawing principles can easily be carried over to other programs like Adobe Acrobat, Procreate, and photoshop.



Start this adobe illustrator drawing by selecting the brush tool. Under the brush tool you can select multiple vector brush variations like the charcoal brush. Now use you drawing tablet or mouse to begin sketching a circle for the cat head sketch.


Now keep using the adobe illustrator brushes to create a side cast shadow. Use rapid sketchy movements to fill in the shadow of the cat drawing. Also, quickly indicate the ears of the cat kitten kitty.



To complete this how to draw in adobe acrobat drawing, fill in the remaining cat drawing with squiggly marks to create a flat neutral tone for the cat. Also, sketch in the neck of the cat to show there is a cat body.

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