m graham titanium white review

M. Graham Titanium White Review

M. Graham oil paints are made with walnut oil and pigment which creates a different feel than paints made from linseed. M. Graham’s titanium white oil paint color is a good choice if you want a paint that was used by the old masters.

The Good:

  • It uses walnut oil which does not stink as bad as linseed oil. If you paint with linseed based titanium whites your whole studio will have a strong linseed smell.
  • Linseed oil based oil paints seem to dry out a lot quicker than m. graham titanium white. If you like keeping your painting drying forever try using this white.
  • This titanium white by m. graham is slightly more transparent than other titanium whites. This allows the paint to be mixed well with other colors.

The Bad

  • This m. graham titanium white oil paint takes forever to dry. I have waited many days for this titanium white oil paint to dry and it will still be wet. Careful trying to varnish over this white because it still maybe wet and run down the painting.
  • Walnut oil is more brittle than linseed so this paint will probably crack more in the long term.
  • I usually don’t use this m. graham titanium white straight from the tube. It is a good paint to mix with so I usually thicken it with another paint.

Overall M. Graham titanium white oil paint is a decent white paint to use in your own paintings. Just be careful of the drying time so you don’t ruin your painting. Visit https://www.barnettgallery.com for more drawing, oil painting, watercolor, sculpture, & illustration tips, reviews and ideas.

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