How to draw ANATOMY for REALISTIC PEOPLE step by step easy drawing tutorial

How to draw anatomy for realistic people step by step is very easy and simple if you follow this how to draw guide. Learn to draw / sketch human anatomy for artists by following along this beginner / advanced tutorial.



For step 1 of this realistic anatomy drawing, begin by quick sketching the outline of the human figure. Make sure to use guide lines to develop the rib cage, abdomen, collarbone, legs, arms, feet.


Now for this step you will use your how to get good at drawing skills to create form and function on the anatomical sketch. If you are drawing in adobe acrobat or illustrator, make sure to set the correct pen pressure to get good line quality. Follow the form of the human body sculpting the figure as you go along.


Now create an anatomical venn diagram of the body not using word but by using lines. Start to get more into drawing by following anterior view of the person you are sketching. Make sure to get the abdominal, thoracic, pelvic, cranial, and antebrachial rhythms of the body.



To complete this step by step human anatomy drawing tutorial, use shadow forms and half-tones to create a sense of 3d roundness to the body. Touch up any parts of the body that were error or messed up at this stage.

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