How to Paint / Draw SONIC Painting easy / simple / fast / quick step by step tutorial



Sonic drawing / painting can be really easy, simple, fun, effective, quick, realistic, and fast if you follow this step by step sonic painting tutorial. Start the sketch with the sonic head using your pencil. This will be the base outline of the character. Since this Sonic will be in real life in paint, you will want to keep the hyper proportions to normal levels to tone down the chaos. Also, Sonic will be more wolf like in this painting so keep Sonic and tails hairy.



Now, the best way to paint this Sonic painting is to mix the color blue of his fur. You can add in glow in the dark paint so he glows at night. Paint / Draw in sonic the hedgehog by sega eyes in using white. Finally since there is no pumpkin, color in the donkey nose using brown.



To complete this step by step Sonic drawing, add in a pipe that he is holding. This will show that sonic gotta go fast. Add highlights in the eyes of the donkey and hair in the animal fur. Color in the stomach of the hedgehog by using white paint.

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